Senior Options Information

This page will be updated on 21st March 2021.

Introduction for Pupils

You are now at the stage where you need to consider which subjects you wish to study in S5 or S6 next session.

If you are a S4 pupil you will choose five subjects to study in S5 and If you are a S5 pupil you will choose at least four subjects (maximum of five) to study in S6. Please note that it is not always possible to allocate a pupil all of their subject choices. For example, a subject may be withdrawn due to insufficient pupil numbers. For this reason, pupils in S4 and S5 are also required to choose a reserve subject.

Most pupils will choose from a mix of Advanced Higher (AH), Higher (H), National 5 (N5) and National 4 (N4) qualifications. Additional opportunities are also available to you in the form of Skills for Work (SFW) courses, National Progression Awards (NPA), Foundation Apprenticeships (FA), Open University YASS modules (OU) and Higher National Certificates (HNC).

You can see exactly which subjects are on offer to you by looking at the Senior Option Form below. Once the form is opened, you will find lots of advice on the subjects and courses available to you by clicking on the relevant subject and level. Read the information carefully and should you need any further clarification don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff from the relevant department. Alternatively, if you are in doubt concerning any particular subject choice you can discuss this with your Principal Teacher of Pupil Support. The options process is an important aspect of the journey of each pupil in the school and staff are committed to it being a positive experience.

You must also ensure that you choose subject areas and levels that you can be successful in. Staff will make recommendations about the level and courses which you should aspire to - this advice will be shared with you at your online options interview and needs to be considered carefully when you are choosing subjects.

Your intended career may help determine the subjects you will choose for study in fifth year and beyond, and should you wish you are able to seek advice from our Careers Advisor Zoe Knox who can be contacted by email at

Your options interview is an important part of the process and will allow for a meaningful discussion with you, your parent / carer and Head of House / Depute Headteacher regarding which subjects to study next year. It would be appreciated if you and your parent / carer could discuss, and agree as far as is possible, the options choices you are considering prior to your online options interview. Your option choices will be submitted online and the online option form will be shared with you at this interview.

Please ensure that you take the options process seriously and think carefully about the courses you choose to follow next session. The choices that you make now will prove important in ensuring that you move into a positive destination when the time comes for you to leave school and enter further and higher education or ultimately, the world of work.