Free School Meals

Our Council is committed to supporting families throughout the year but in particular during COIVID-19. As part of this support we have delivered over 70,000 Free School Meals to 1700 households but we are now extending the options available of providing Free School Meals with a direct cash payment option.

The Cash Payment is £35 every 2 weeks per child and allows families the flexibility to make their own arrangements to meet the needs of their child supporting families to make the best choice for their child. The payment of £35 is one of the highest amounts any Council in the UK is making to support families during COVID-19.

Families now have 3 ways they can receive Free School Meals –

Option 1: Receive a Cash Payment of £35 every 2 weeks (£17.50 per week) per child & you make your own food arrangements.

Option 2: Delivery of Free School Meals Food Pack direct to your house

Option 3: Collection of Free School Meals Food Pack from a Community Hub.

If you choose Option 2 or 3 (Delivery or Collection of Food Pack), this is the exact same way you currently receive the Free School Meals so you do not have to do anything.

Cash Payment

If you choose Option 1 (Cash Payment) you must register to receive the payment by clicking the link below.

You need to register by 10.00pm on a Tuesday for a direct payment on a Friday. This is a rolling programme until schools return or the end of term.

You will continue to receive your food delivery, or to be able to make a collection until your first payment on a Friday then this will stop as you will receive the cash payment. Payments will then be made once every two weeks on a Friday until either schools return or the end of term.  

If you do not opt for a cash payment, the current options of picking up a food pack from one of our hubs or having your food pack delivered directly to your home will continue.

If you have any questions regarding your payment, please contact and leave a message. We will respond as soon as we can.