Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

To achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award we had to complete three key areas: Volunteering, skills (learn a new skill) and physical.

Two of the areas needed to be completed in a three-month timescale and the other was in six months.  After completing the three categories they had to be assessed by someone who had knowledge of each area. For example, one of the group who is keen on horses went horse riding over the period and once assessed had improved on her jumping skills.  She then made an embroidered cushion which was assessed by a local dressmaker. A report was then sent in as proof of passing these skills.

Before our main expedition we went on a practice walk to get used to carrying all of the kit we will need to take with us.  On our expedition we walked for two days and camped overnight.  During our camping we learned how to use a trangea and cooked all of our own meals.  During the expedition we were carrying all of our kit which included our tents.